Join Ka-Zar, Shanna, and Zabu in the Savage Land as they fight three evils from the past and meet a new, unexpected ally. 

Savage 1

A cyborg, a Nazi and a trandimensional being (who is often mistaken for the Devil) terrorize the Savage Land searching for a time lost hero from the distant past. Ka-Zar and friends come to the rescue. 

Published in Savage the Fanzine, my story 60'30'S, 68'30'W THE SAVAGE LAND is illustrated prose with art by Dee Claborn.

Savage the Fanzine #1 Cover

Savage the Fanzine is devoted to celebrating the adventures of the Marvel Superhero, Ka-Zar the Savage.  The publisher, Paint Monk's Library, invited me to write a Ka-Zar short story his debut issue. I also co-interviewed legendary Ka-Zar artist, Brent Anderson with Wally Monk (to accompany a huge Brent Anderson portfolio). 

Savage 2
"(Simon's story) was fun and compelling. Enjoyable from beginning to end. Something I'm surprised Marvel hadn't already done."

- Rik Offenberger, First Comics News



Savage includes unpublished art from Brent Anderson (including five pages from an unpublished Shang Chi story) and contributions from Will Murray, David Conine and others.