Join Ka-Zar, Shanna, and Zabu in the Savage Land as they fight three evils from the past and meet a new, unexpected ally. 

A cyborg, a Nazi and a trandimensional being (who is often mistaken for the Devil) terrorize the Savage Land searching for a time lost hero from the distant past. Ka-Zar and friends come to the rescue. 

Published in Savage the Fanzine, my story xxxxxx is illustrated prose with art by Dee Claborn.

Savage the Fanzine is devoted to celebrating the adventures of the Marvel Superhero, Ka-Zar the Savage.  The publisher, Paint Monk's Library, invited me to write a Ka-Zar short story his debut issue. I also co-interviewed legendary Ka-Zar artist, Brent Anderson with Wally Monk (to accompany a huge Brent Anderson portfolio). 

Savage the Fanzine is a one-hundred 8  1/2 x 11 page giant. 


"(Simon's story) was fun and compelling. Enjoyable from beginning to end. Something I'm surprised Marvel hadn't already done."

- Rik Offenberger, First Comics News



Savage includes unpublished art from Brent Anderson (including five pages from an unpublished Shang Chi story) and contributions from Will Murray, David Conine and others. 

Brent's portfolio includes s surprise from Sergio Aragon's, 5 pages from an unpublished Shang Chi, Master of Kung Fu story and other fun. Savage also features articles from Will Murray, David Conine and others.

Includes Der Teufels' debut story:

Der Teufel makes his debut. One of my creations, Der Teufel has an interesting licensing history. He has also appeared Shades of Vengeance's 'Tales of the Empowered' anthology and Frank Martins flash collection 'Drabble Madness'. Find out more about Der Teufel here.



As a fanzine, Paint Monk's Library has priced Savage at cost. Digitally, it is free. The print edition is $5.xx. 

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