Music is as natural to me as is air is to breathing.

I have written about music as an interviewer, reviewer and as a music journalist.  I worked in nightclubs for over two decades, have curated a number of music series, promoted over 100 concerts, designed CD, DVD, and cassette art for A to Z Audio for over 10 years, ran a record label for years, helped out many a musician, DJed and been involved in so many different aspects of music, it would be a crazy omission to not be a musician.

I have plenty of unreleased material from my youth. I did record theremin music for a haunted house documentary. I have not had a chance to find out if my music was included.

Thankfully can there are releases with music I’ve created out there!

My musical Identity is LURE OF THE UNKNOWN.

My record music though starts out overseas with the label, Floppy Kick, where I curated a compilation of Cleveland area experimental musicians. I created the artwork, wrote the liner notes and contributed one track “ETERNAL SCREAM TRAPPED INSIDE A GRAIN OF SAND” Oh, did I mention, Floppy Kick specializes in releasing music on 3.5 floppy diskette?

This led to being invited to Silber Media’s Five in Five EP series where you are challenged to create 5 songs that all together equal five minutes. My EP is called DAY OF ENDINGS.  I decided to add to the challenge and make each track title a microstory (a story told in six words, no more, no less) and for the music to be a soundtrack to the microstory it represented.

And you can expect more in the future!