My Lure of the Unknown track “Eternal Scream Trapped In A Grain of Sand is on this compilation of Cleveland area music experimentalists that I curated, did the art design and wrote the liner notes for. Hungarian based Floppy Kick released the compilation on their specialty of choice, the 3.5 floppy diskette!


Kai Nobuko   reviewed Eternal Scream Trapped in a Grain of Sand

“…a captivating track by Lure Of The Unknown.”
“… the artist recorded a choir of exciting cannibals that sing…to celebrate the prospect of eating a freshly captured lost tourist.”
“It is jolly good fun to hear and perhaps even perfectly suitable to scream along with. As long as you are not the one taking a bath in their large cooking pot, you will have plenty if time to enjoy this moment the lighthearted way.”

Specimen is currently sold out.
Plans are being made to rerelease it.
The cover art is available as an art print.