Decay in Response

Co-curated with Mike Textbeak, Decay in Response is a mix of underground electronic bands, alternative DJ’s and innovative artists. Presented at a wide variety of venues throughout the Cleveland area (plus one venue in PA) Decay in Response started in 2012. Our goal is to create engaging, unique experiences of underground sounds and visuals for others to enjoy.

Bestial Mouths, Home and Garden, Funerals (from Columbus) Opale (from France), Ensemble Economique (from LA), Bath, BCBG (from France), Sosumi, Troller (from Texas), Samantha Glass (from Texas), Cellophane Orchestra, onewayness (from Erie, PA), Exo 4, Pyrosonic, Full Load of Kings, Humachine, 9 Volt Haunted House, Greenlander, Bath, glacial23, Pinebox (from Columbus), Fire Death (from Akron), Cane Swords (from Akron) and Zurvan (from Akron), Kat Stewart, Baat, Pauline Lombardo, Ilza, XXX Super Arcade from Akron, SKVM, Bad News, Orange Luna Temple Lull, Cane Swords and HolyKindOf, Sam Harmon / Craig Chojnicki Duo, Greg Rasp, Mark Van Fleet, Lola’s Bad (from the UK).

Mike Textbeak, Marc Remy, Sam Harmon, Bridget Ginley, Paul Disastro, Orobl, JP Sputnik, Paul Disastro, DJ ThunderNoodle and Librarian.

Art by Halim El Dabh, Erin Barnhart, Renee Taylor, Rachel Yurkovich, Leland Gordon, Jason Panic, Kyle Therrien, Julie Morgan, Bridget Ginley, Joeseph Simon, Glenn Hudson, Kat Stewart and Ilza.

*Many of these creative talents performed multiple times for the series.

Ingenuity Festival – Cleveland, Grog Shop – Cleveland Heights, Happy Dog – Cleveland, Phantasy – Lakewood, Touch – Cleveland, Foundry-Lakewood, Mahalls Cleveland, Now That’s Class – Cleveland, Duck Island – Cleveland, DNA Level C – Cleveland, Wilberts – Cleveland, Pats in the Flats – Cleveland, and Basement Transmissions – Erie, PA.