Citizen Scientist



moon 5

Photos and video still footage of the moon that I took in Lakewood, Ohio.

 : :   : :   : :

Life started in my mom’s womb, with me curious to know what else there was beyond my fleshy cocoon / womb  habitat. Eventually, I was free from the confines of the womb and would eventually look up and see the walls of a house or hospital and wonder what was past those walls. When not indoors I would look up and see the sky and wonder about what was past there. The sky presented mystery and distance, perspective and depth. It still does and that sense of wonder is still present.

School, adulthood, self-education and numerous telescopes later the search is on. Not just outer space, it includes inner space, our past and future. The world around and that surrounds.

A citizen scientist, if only because life crossed paths with my plans of being a professional scientist and took a different course, as I am sure life has done for so many others. A citizen scientist because of the urge to know and find out answers for myself. A citizen scientist because of the urge to explore. A citizen scientist because the wealth of information and the body of knowledge it contains can be and is added to everyday and I may one day add to that just as any of us can. A citizen scientist because I am.

-Joeseph Simon



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